“A little shamanic power goes a long way.” – Ana Maria Sarmiento


Everything needs a starting point. For a piece of jewelry by FLOR AMAZONA, it starts with an initial face-to-face meeting with the leader of the Kamcha Community – the modern shaman – Hugo Jamioy. The indigenous make jewelry patterns representing their visions in their dreams, so we meet to discuss those that have stood out for them and how we could represent them in our designs in terms of patterns, visions, colors and flowing lines.

Hugo and the indigenous propose old age patterns that depict the nature of the rainforest and the world around them, their shamanic visions and symbols of their gods to create pieces that bring peace and fortune to its creator and wearer. Soon after the design process of FLOR AMAZONA jewelry becomes the spiritual journey. In this moment, Ana gives Hugo and the community of artisans an idea of the range of metal types, shapes envisioned and colors of the season, whether it is Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter, and talk over the varieties of designs that will be developed for the collection.


“Handcrafting for the community is the opportunity to incorporate their feelings, dreams, and aspirations into designs.” – Ana Maria Sarmiento

What could be better than modeling and developing patterns while listening to the sounds of nature in an open space atelier, best called: Sierra Nevada Rainforest. At this stage, the artisans develop the initial designs that will compose the collection. An envisioned design needs invested time in order to provide FA lovers with a curated collection that will transport them to paradise. Hugo and his team of artisans normally take up to 4 weeks to make all the pieces from scratch.


Ana and Hugo decide together the selection for the collection – The patterns, colors, measurements and final details are all defined. We like to take time over this stage. Changing a design at a later point in the process isn’t possible. Then the chant begins. It usually takes around 3 months to hand craft all the items to be prepared to ship worldwide and start to bring fortune and protection to wearers across the globe.